Milan Italy
May - Aug
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The capital of fashion

Milan, the capital of fashion and design. Despite being known for luxury shopping, but there’s more to explore in this city, as it has this beautiful mix between history, culture, art, and nature. You’ll find Gothic churches, temples around the streets, amazing scenery around the city, and modern architectures. Even shopping is different in Milan.

Milan on the map

Milan lies north Italy, close to Switzerland, which you can plan to visit during your trip, or you can just explore the beauty of the rest of Italy. These are some good suggestions for day trips from Milan.

Milan top sights


Tip & Tricks

  • Buy the subway multi-use passcard to spend less money on transportation.
  • It’s the fashion capital, so make sure you try the shopping experience here.
  • Wear Modest clothes to churches.
  • Tipping isn’t expected. Yay!
  • Enjoy the mix between historic and modern architecture.
  • Don’t miss going to Navigli area.
  • Take a boat tour in the canal.
  • Bikes and street art are everywhere.
  • Check holiday schedules before you book. You don’t want to find some attractions closed!

Explore their Language

Memorize some words and phrases in their language to communicate....

Basic Words

Ciao = Hello
Aiuto = Help
Grazie = Thank you

Call For Help

It's Always Important To Save Emergency Numbers Of The City...

Emergency Numbers

Police: 113
Ambulance: 118
Fire brigade: 115
Go To Government Website

Average Daily Cost

$ 65 Daily
  • Accomodation.....................$45
  • Food......................................$15
  • Transportation.....................$5

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