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London is the city that you will feel you belong to. The city that you must have seen at least once before in a movie, like: 007, Sherlock Holmes, If only ..etc, or read about it in the old literature.

London will promise you with a unique journey, that has a mix between history, culture, fun, unexpected crazy weather and charming atmosphere. 

london on the map

London would need at least 3 days just to visit the most important sights.

Then, you can discover more areas in the UK. You can visit Scotland to enjoy the charming nature. Also, there’s Windsor, Hampton Court, Oxford, Cambridge, Bath, Stonehenge, Brighton and Leeds

London top sights


Tip & Tricks

  •  Always keep the umbrella with you because it might rain at any second

  • Be ready with all types of clothes, because you might face all 4 seasons in one day 

  •  “One Pound” is also called: one quid, 100 pence, or 100 p . It’s Londoner language.

  • Always use the Oyster Card for transportation. Find all about it before you go.

  •  Duble bus is a unique experience to enjoy London (especially when it rains ) 

  • It’s better to change your money from the post office. Always check the exchange rate.

  • Uber is a nice solution in emergency situations.

  • Don’t pay tips, if the  invoice includes 10-12 % service cost. If not, you can leave up to 10% of your invoice as tips (The service will probably worth it.) 

  •  City mapper is a nice application to guide you through the city, without internet connection.

  • Never ever cut a line 😉

  • Avoid transportation means in the rush hours

  • Always keep with you a reusable coffee cub and a bottle. This will save you money each time you order because they will refill your cup.

  • If you are in a restaurant and you finished your meal, put your fork and knife next to each other in the middle of the plate, otherwise no one will come to take your plate.
  • Enjoy driving from right side 🙂

Language: English

Londoners have their own Unique accent, known as "Cockney Accent"

Emergency Numbers

999 – The main emergency number

Average Daily Cost

$ 67 Daily
  • Accomodation.....................$40
  • Food......................................$16
  • Transportation.....................$11

It's Your Turn, Now!

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