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Bali is one of the most beautiful destinations in the whole world. It’s known for the dazzling nature and vivid culture in it’s buildings, stores and living style. Being relatively cheaper than other destinations having the same beauty, Bali makes a perfect place for explorers, backpackers, travel bloggers, and honeymooners.

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Bali lies south Indonesia, and is surrounded by a number of islands that are perfect for one day trips. There are also some great sites in the rest of Indonesia that can be visited after Bali.

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Tip & Tricks

  1. A “warung” is the common term used for restaurants, which means a family owned restaurant.
  2. Don’t forget to try the Balinese Coffee and Kunyit Asam drink, which is basically made of turmeric and lime.
  3. Don’t step on “Canang Sari”. These are offerings, placed at doorsteps of stores and restaurants to thank God.
  4. Avoid the Balinese wine. It’s very cheap, but very strong.
  5. Tap water  isn’t for drinking. 
  6. Bikes are very common there and saves time. You can rent a bike, but driving is very challenging, so it’s better to use apps like Grab &  Go Jek.
  7. You might need adapters and converters to operate your devices.
  8. Indonesian rupiahs have a lot of zeros, so make sure you’re paying the right amount. 
  9. The country code for Indonesia is +62 and the area code for all of South Bali is (0)361 (incl. Gianyar, Ubud). If you have a mobile with Local SIM dial first 0361 (South Bali). If you have International SIM dial first+62 361. If you’re calling from a landline dial directly the emergency number.

Explore their Language

Memorize some words and phrases in their language to communicate....

Basic Words

Halo = Hello
Tolong = Hep
Terima kasih = Thank you

Call For Help

It's Always Important To Save Emergency Numbers Of The City...

Emergency Numbers

Police station 110
Emergency 112
Fire station 113
Rescue 111/115/151
Go To Government Website

Average Daily Cost

$ 30 Daily
  • Accomodation.....................$15
  • Food......................................$10
  • Transportation.....................$5

It's Your Turn, Now!

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