It’s not “About Us”… It’s About You.

Travel-Tale is all about offering a chance for travelers to tell and share their stories, with the objective of creating a community of explorers who are tired of reading the same page of the book over and over again. With that objective in mind,  we constructed Travel Tale – an online platform gathering the world in one place, and offering you all the necessary information you would need to embark on your journey and write your own story.

Our team

We are a group of passionate travelers, who are tired of looking over hundreds of websites to find information about the next trip.

That’s when we thought about collecting everything and everyone in one place, were travelers can meet, find the information they want, share their thoughts, and help other travelers plan their next trip.

Our Dreams

We dream about creating a REAL travel Community where travelers, and new travelers, can connect. We want nomads around the world to share their traveling experiences and adventures, to motivate other travel lovers to take action and start exploring the world.

Travel-Tale is a story that would never be told without you.

Our values

“Move, learn & share”

We believe that traveling has the same cycle as life; you move out of your comfort zone, explore and learn about life, people and places. Then, pass your knowledge by sharing your experience to others.

For us, it’s not about traveling. It’s about living the experience like a local, and helping others live it too.


Gathering the world’s cities in one place and offering you all the information you’ll need to know before traveling.

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Giving you an inside look into the cities, through covering a variety of detailed themed topics.

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Local Mate

Connecting travelers with locals from around the world for a unique travel experience, by touring the city with a local friend.

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A place where the Travel Tale community is built through sharing experiences, opening discussions and answering questions.  

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